Back in 1980 Jeema began its journey into existence above ground. His Highness Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum, showing his renowned foresight, planned with his old friend the late Sultan Al Owais to make the unusually pristine water available to everyone. He decided to build a mineral water plant within the natural scenic natural springs of Jeema Wadi.

Jeema Bottling Plant

Jeema Mineral Water Company and Jeema mineral water were born. With the help and experience of Evian and Katadyn of France the most suitable springs were found and production commenced in 1980.

Since then, after a few evolutionary changes which have seen the bottle material become as environmentally friendly as possible, the design as user friendly as possible, and most recently, new packaging and advertising designed to make the brand more internationally competitive, Jeema has gone from strength to strength.

Bottling plant


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